Let the Summer Reading Begin!

Summer reading begins this next week!

Yea for warmer weather, dinner and fellowship on the back patio and the end of school for the year!  The neighborhood pool opened over the holiday weekend.  I am pretty excited about walking to the pool this summer to play in the water a bit, then read books while the kids swim.

I still haven’t completed the audio book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, but 2 days of driving to Denver recently I did have some large spaces of time, and have just 4 chapters/2 hours left.  This story of Bonhoeffer is very interesting and inspiring.  Hilter Germany was a terrible dark place, but to read of those who did not let their “light” dim during this time encourages me to press on and be all the more purposeful to be found faithful.

During May I read rhinestone JESUS by Kristen Welch.  What a great book, the story behind the story is an inspiring one and I am very encouraged by Kristen’s continual insistence that she is an ordinary mom.  As I read the book at times I struggled because I really didn’t know what my ONE thing, my “yes” is.  But I have discovered for now my “yeses” are:  parenting my teen and tween daughters, teaching them, loving them, encouraging them; and writing the letters that I have the opportunity to share with rescued girls and our Compassion children.

Body and Soul by Bethany Hamilton and Dustin Dillberg

Body and Soul by Bethany Hamilton and Dustin Dillberg

Another book I read was Body and Soul by Bethany Hamilton.  This was a refreshing spin on the “a better you” topic.  I received the book from BookLookBlogger in exchange for a review.  This one was really balanced, authentic and encouraging and I was happy to hand it off to my daughters.




Another “for review” book that I read was “Just 18 Summers”.  This was

Just 18 Summers

Just 18 Summers

a little harder topic, as my girls have literally grown before my eyes this spring.  We have a pretty good clothing budget set that usually is plenty, but this spring I’ve had to dip much deeper.  While I have been pretty much referring to physical growth and the money well, it is true in other areas as well.  My husband and I are seeing tremendous emotional, social and spiritual growth happening that tells us these girls are growing up!

A Table by the Window by Hillary Manton Lodge is the other book I read this month.  A delightful read!  I enjoyed this novel over the Memorial Day weekend, soaking in a couple of slow quiet mornings.  A very delicious story with family, growth, and recipes!

This is a much shorter list of books finished, hopefully I can make up for it next month!

Does anyone have any great summer book suggestions for me?


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