Noah, by Mark Ludy ~ A Review

Noah, A Wordless Picture Book by Mark Ludy

Noah by Mark LudyWe received this book to review and I have spent some time looking it over and talking with my children.

Noah by Mark Ludy

Rich Illustrations

The illustrations are well done, with rich colors & great detail, but I am concerned about the intensity of some of the pictures.  The book was presented to me as a “perfect book for toddlers”.  Having a toddler grandchild I have to say, this book has several pictures that are just too intense for her.  My three youngest children (15, 13, and 11) looked over the book, and as we conversed I determined that this book is actually better suited older kids.

We all had some good discussion over the timing these pictures told.  It seems that none of us pictured Noah and his wife as elderly parents.  For a brief moment I thought the story of Abraham and Sarah was before me!

Noah is a beautifully illustrated picture book but it is my opinion that it is not a great book for toddlers.


This Moment ~ September 30

This Moment

Lately I haven’t been on the computer much until late in the evening, and some things are getting left on the back burner.  Late last week I woke the kids (late) and told them we were heading out for the day.  Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park are 2 of my favorite places and we have not made the 3.5 hour trip in a long time, so we loaded up and headed north and west.

Mountain Run

Mountain Hike/Run

With the late start and a little dwaddling we arrived pretty late in the day, but still had time to walk to Alberta Falls.  We “baby kitty” our little short legged toddler with us, so some of us were moving very slow.  My two longer legged girls were itching to go for a run, so off they ran.

It was a blessing to hear their laughter and chatter as they dashed off.  It was also a joy to walk along with Mae and “baby kitty”.   I am so treasuring these days with my teen and preteen daughters.  The years are passing quickly by so I will continue to grab them from time to time and head out away from homework and screens to just enjoy a little outdoors time together.


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What I’m Into, September 2014


What I’m InTo September 2014 Edition

Just about 13 years ago we purchased and moved into a 50+ year old house that had more surprises and upgrade needs than we realized.  During the past 2 years we’ve finally be able to really dig in and do some of the bigger more important work. The main level bathrooms and kitchen have been completely remodeled. Builder demoed all the way to the studs, knocked out walls, took out and put in closets, changed out old cast iron plumbing with pvc and rewired most of the house. We have new windows throughout the main level and basement windows are on order.

new windows and cabinets

strong base for the granite tile counter tops

MORE cabinets

MORE cabinets, another set of uppers is on order

black granite

tile counter tops

As this month closes out we are enjoying the comfort and warmth of our new kitchen. There is such stark contrast between the ugly and the beauty of the old and the new. The new open space has allowed the kitchen to become that welcoming hub of family and friends, and we can hardly wait to share it. We’ve come up with a plan to begin hosting lunch a couple Fridays a month and taking turns inviting people from the different communities we are part of. I can’t wait!

I am also looking forward to October and the more steady rhythm it will bring. Since the kitchen is complete we can turn our focus and “free” time to other endeavors. The back to school for Mom photography plan I had for September fits much more nicely in October.  And I’m be hosting my first ever swap here on By Quiet Waters in October. I hope that you will join us for a Toddler Busy Bag Swap, and share this opportunity with moms and grandmas of toddlers that you know.Busy Bag Swap

Now, what I was into in September by category.

Read and Reading:

 Clutterfree with Kids, Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, Let’s All Be Brave.  (want a sneak peak at Let’s All Be Brave, two chapters to download and read now?) Where There Was No Church, Families Where Grace is in Place, Generous Justice and Misplacing God (and finding Him again).

And listening…

It took me about 2 months, but I finished listening to the audiobook “Tom Sawyer”.  The drive home from drop off, or on the way to pick up has been all the more fun listening to this wonderful story.

Next up, I am thinking The Last of the Mohicans.  There is 3/4 of the school year left, so maybe that’s enough time to take in 33 chapters of another classic.

(I completed _2_ books this month)


The kids have been asking for us to watch an episode or two of Sherlock, so we did check that out. I’m not impressed, maybe it’s just that it is another British show, but Sherlock just reminded me of Dr Who, instead of introducing a new character & program.

We also watched a couple episodes of Once Upon a Time.  We will probably take in a more of those.

Until very recently, TV was just not on in our home unless it was a previously selected DVD. We still reserve the screen time for weekends, and watching this little bit is becoming an enjoyable thing to do with my tired kids at the end of the week.


This month I discovered Itunes Radio and am checking out different stations. My favorite station so far is Smooth Jazz, but the Fleetwood Mac is a close second.  Typically I listen to contemporary christian music or classical, but I found it so fun to catch some of the music from days gone by.  With the Itunes radio I am able to skip less desirable music and just enjoy the good ol’ stuff.

Things I Love:

Wooden puzzles and play dough – I found some great puzzles at the Just Between Friends sale.  Scored Doug & Melissa puzzles for about $3.00 each.

“Miss JoyNess’ sink”.

handwashing sink

JoyNess’ Sink

The new hand washing sink that Builder put in our new kitchen has become part of the morning activity rotation when I have my granddaughter. She will play for 15 or more minutes with a funnel, wire whisk and bubbly water.  Giving me a solid little block of time to focus on a task or another person!

Fall colors

Glass straws

In the Blogosphere:

You don’t have to be one of the cool kids

Apple Scented Sensory Rice

<iframe width=”400″ height=”225″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

On The Blog:

Sausage Tomato Soup – which I am going to be tweaking and adding to, with the hopes of creating a Pasta Fagioli like at Olive Garden.

 Toddler Busy Bag Swap – It’s back to the toddler years when I have my granddaughter.  She is an explosion of activity so I did a little research as I said previously.  I’m really excited about the swap and hope that others join in.  It’ll be so fun to have a stash of special activities to pull out for JoyNess to play with.

Some pictures from September

IMG_3046 IMG_3067 IMG_3071 IMG_3083 IMG_3103 IMG_3196 IMG_3203




The Toddler BUSY BAG Swap

Welcome to the first Toddler Busy Bag Swap on By Quiet Waters!

Busy Bag Swap

When it comes to the actual exchange, things can get tricky. There will be a lot of bags, and a lot of people.   So I have made a google spreadsheet from where I hope to keep things straight. As people sign up, I will add them to an email list for swap communication. You can see the spreadsheet here.

When you decide which activity you would like to contribute, leave a comment on the spreadsheet with the name of the activity, first and last name and your email. I will add your information onto the spreadsheet and will “hide” the email columns so that they are not visible. At that time I will also email to you the mailing information and instructions.

Now the details:

Sign Up by Monday October 6.

Mail packages to me by Monday October 27
- Look closely at the costs. Ideas can and should be adapted to be as low-cost as possible while still being functional. The goal is to keep each bag under $1.00

– Please laminate only if it is part of the project. The recipients can laminate any other information pages they want, upon receipt.

-Put each activity set into 1 gallon bag. I am capping this swap off at 10 participants, so you will have 10 1 gallon bags to complete. Using printable stickers or tape, attach a label each bag telling:

The name of the Activity

Simple Directions

-Inside each bag you will have put all the pieces for the busy bag. Note on the label if there is an ingredient to be added (like water)

– Put together the quality kind of bag you would want to receive in return. This is really important to remember! Of course we want to be cheap but we also want the activity to hold up to toddler use and be a blessing to each member of the swap.
Mail all 10 of your busy bags (including the one you will get from the swap) with a return address label and a flat rate priority box postage.

I plan to have all the busy bags sorted and repacked to be mailed back out by November 7.

It is my plan to mail everything back out flat rate priority, with tracking so that you can each know when to expect your box. I will get these back out just as soon as I have everything and I can get them sorted, boxed and labeled.

If you see anything I’ve left out, please email me at byquietwaters at gmail.

This is going to be so fun. Please choose your activity and share this post!

Hobo Dinner Update

In this post in July I shared about the hobo dinners I was preparing for a camping trip.  I think I should give you an update!

hobo tacos

hobo tacos

hobo dinners ready for freezing

hobo dinners ready for freezing

The hobo tacos was a complete hit, and I’ll be making them again for sure.  But the Turkey Veggie Hobo Dinner?  Complete bomb.  It was pretty disappointing!  We’ll stick to the original way that I prepare that recipe and not use it again for hobo dinners.

turkey veggie patties

Turkey Veggie Patties



A Toddler BUSY BAG Swap, Coming Soon

Hello Folks!

It’s been pretty quiet here at By Quiet Waters.  Life continues to be full, hard and good, oh so very good.

The kitchen remodel is complete with just a few finishing touches to be completed, and 3 additional cabinets to be installed.  Now that I can settle into a more complete back to school fall rhythm I’m ready to take on a couple of projects.  Seems like most of my ideas are centered around a certain precious grandchild who has jumped with both feet into busy busy toddler hood.

So, after looking around online for toddler busy bag ideas I’ve decided to host a toddler busy bag swap.


Busy Bag Button

There will be 12 slots and I hope that you will join us!  Please share this post with any moms or grandmas of busy toddlers and lets work together to create some delightful activities to keep those precious ones busy!

I’ll be opening up the swap and sharing all the details next week, September 25th!  Let me know if you have any questions in the comments, or email me at byquietwaters at gmail.  Hope to see you here next Thursday!