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An Online JAMBERRY Party!

The Readers of By Quiet Waters are cordially invited

An Online Party

An Online Party

to an


The party begins today and goes until November 29.

Have you heard of Jamberrys?  I learned about them in early October when I received a sample jam.  Then a friend invited me to her own Facebook party, which was a blast.  Now I have a small stash of Jamberry nail wraps that I share with my daughters.

Jamberry Party

blue is always a favorite around here

I love that I can apply these to my nails, and not have to worry about smudging and chipping them, because I always get busy doing something before nail polish really dries.

Just last night my daughters and I had a girls night with nail art and Dr Who.

Jamberry Party

Nail wraps, hard lotion & my tool pouch

There is just one thing about Jamberry nail wraps that didn’t work for us…we Kelly girls have small hands, small fingers AND small nails.  So most of the nail wraps are too wide for us.  But, we had fun and ended up with some pretty success.



I did find an idea online to trim the nail wraps into geometric shapes and other simple designs.  We’ll try that next time (actually in a couple of weeks when we redo our nails with some Christmas themed Jamberrys!

I am hosting a giveaway here on By Quiet Waters, a Party Favor.  But if you join my Facebook Party, there are more gifts and prizes.

So… a By Quiet Waters Party Favor??


One Jamberry 1/2 sheet (from my growing stash)

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Gift Giving Budget

There are many ways to keep gift giving budget stocked.  One way I do that is by turning my various “rewards” into gift cards for popular stores.

gift cardsThis month I have traded swagbucks and money in my Jingit wallet for gift cards to Walmart and Target!

These gift card might be stocking stuffers, used for cousin gifts or put aside for 2015 birthdays.

Swagbucks is a site that I use and participate with throughout the year, whenever I am already working on the computer.  I can quickly do a short survery or poll, a few searches for my work and clip coupons for things I plan to purchase that week.  The swagbucks add up very quickly and about once a month I “purchase” gift cards from the rewards store.

In the past I only purchased Amazon gift cards, as they are the best deal.  But recently I also added the Walmart and Target gift cards for stocking my gift box.

Jingit is an app that I use on my iPhone.  You can check them out online here.  When ever I plan to shop, I check to see if there are any rebates available for what I am setting out to gather.  If so, I click away.  Then when I return home, I follow the prompts to scan my receipt.  The rebates show up in my account a few days later.  I let those build for months, as they are always quite small.  But she who gathers little by little makes it grow :)

What sites or apps do you use to exchange points or rewards for gift cards?

Grocery University ~ Graduated!

As usual, I am a little behind the curve, ha!  During our fall break road trip I downloaded and listened to Grocery University by Carrie Isaac.  This audio course has been around for some time and has even been re-released by Money Saving Mom, but as I said, I finally got around to listening this fall.

As a seasoned mom and homemaker, I have practiced many of the things shared in Grocery University .  But I was encouraged and inspired as the miles clicked by and I listened.  It is good to have a refresher from time to time.  And in the past year, as life has gotten a little more complicated, meal planning, coupon clipping and deal shopping has definitely taken a back seat!  I was inspired upon arriving home to pull out the coupon box and step back into more intentional meal planning and coupon shopping.

Another benefit to listening to the audio course during that road trip, my 15 year old sitting next to me listening in.  We had some good discussion about what refreshed me and what she learned.  Seeing as she already is a coupon clipper and uses swagbucks, she was able to make some good connections.  She is well on her way to learning the ins and outs of frugal living and managing her money.

Isaac recently sold the rights to Grocery University to Money Saving Mom.  If you are interested in purchasing Grocery University, you can do so below.

Grocery University







Affiliate links are included in this post.  If you sign up for swagbucks or purchase Grocery University through By Quiet Waters, I receive small compensation or bonus swagbucks.