Pinterest “Did It”, May 30

Now that school is out for Summer, I am looking forward to actually doing some of the projects and making some of the foods from my pinterest boards.  I’ve made a Did It! board and will be blogging about some of my successes, and a flop here & there is likely too.

This week I made Carrot Cake Pancakes.  The batter looked lovely to me, but some of my kiddos walked in and sincerely questioned what I was making.  Each of the kids did eat some of the pancakes but they were not a hit.  The batter was too heavy, so I added water mid way through the batch.

Being a girl who enjoys carrots and pineapple, I did enjoy the pancakes.  But for my kids’ sake, I will drop the pineapple off the recipe and try again the next time I have an abundance of carrots in the fridge.

Another fun Did It…GAK.  This was a fun DIY and my grand daughter was not the only one who had a lot of fun playing with the GAK.  I love how quickly this project was completed, maybe 10 minutes total!

All you need to make GAK is a 7 or 8 oz bottle of Elmer’s Glue, Food Coloring, Water, Borax, a large bowl and storage containers.  Here is the recipe I used.

add the whole bottle of glue

add the whole bottle of glue





add borax


stir til dissolved


combine with glue and stir



Store in a gallon ziplock

I am really looking forward to this summer challenge, of DOING my pins.  How about you?  Do you regularly do what you pin?  Or do you need some inspiration to choose some pins and do those activities?

The Value of Every Life

glorious hair

Sometime back this audio was shared with me, by some dear friends.  I’ve been re-listening from time to time, as there are layers of applications in my life to consider.

Whether you are red, yellow, black, normal or blue, you struggle with some part of your identity.  Right now I am in the throws of raising and walking along teen age daughters and all the questions that go with growing up from girl to woman.

There are racial tensions erupting all over our country.  Suicides and murders.  Exploitation of girls and of boys.

Because we fail to see the value of each and every human life.

I hope the following encourages you today, to remember where your identity, where each person’s identity, comes from.




“But this is not just a normal problem, many people, normal and abnormal alike fail to see the beauty in their own identities.

I’m happy how I am, not full of pride, but proud to know I’m made in the image of God, and God is far from normal.

So if every person is crafted after Him, there is no typical human, no normal ethnic group, no matter who you are, red, yellow, black, normal or blue, there’s something Divine about you.

I guess you can’t know this if you don’t know the God you reflect. You’ll go your whole life thinking you’re normal or worthless, never seeing which of God’s many attributes are present in you.”

From Normal Hair by Micah Bournes

Advocating for Edwin


Compassion International

Edwin is a 10 year old boy, growing up southeast of La Paz Bolivia.  He lives with his mother and his father and is responsible for carrying water, caring for other children and helping with other household chores.  Sometimes his father is employed as a farmer.  Edwin’s birthday is July 17.

I have a particular interest in advocating for the children of Bolivia, since reading “When Invisible Children Sing“.  Reading the stories of the street children of this country and having the opportunity to step in and help prevent that from happening to even just one child has inspired me.

I hope you will consider sponsoring Edwin through Compassion International.  Your love and support will help Edwin to receive the assistance he needs to develop to his full potential.  Please email me at byquietwaters at gmail if you would like more information, or to sponsor Edwin.

A Mother’s Day Gift to my Family

Today I will SMILE. Simply SMILE.

Today, when frustration rises, I will quiet it with GRATITUDE.

Today, I will be the one to be reminded to speak only what is GRACEfilled, appropriate for the moment, that will help hearts in need, and bless all others who hear.

Today, I will HUG. and TOUCH. and DRAW CLOSE.

Not to be an example, but to love the ones better who love me, flaws and all.

What a gift God gave in this family of mine.



reposted from the archives, May 2010

What I’m Into, or Was Into (April 2015)

What I’m Into April 2015 Edition

The winter/spring month in the Rockies is definitely April. About the time we get really excited about the tulips, new leaves and sprouts, we get another wet cold front. Some parts of our town got up to 6inches of the wet slushy stuff! As unwelcome as the cold is, I sure do appreciate the moisture that those cold fronts bring in April. That moisture helps to lower our local fire danger and give a good boost to the growth of our trees.

The Michael W. Smith Sovereign Tour came through town mid-month. It was exciting to be able to attend the concert and work at the Compassion Booth that evening. I did feel a little out of place being there without my husband or my daughters. That said, I met some people and had one particular very encouraging conversation. It is possible that I also have a speaking opportunity in the next month. Another highlight of that evening is hearing from Nathan Tasker.   I’ve heard many people present Compassion International over the years, but his presentation was particularly good! The careful & appropriate humor that he added to his storytelling was refreshing. Here are a couple of videos to give you a taste of the beautiful time of worship that we participated in that evening.


And, bless my socks off, someone gifted a Sovereign cd to me just for being there. I’ve been enjoying new sounds of worship while driving here and there. Music ministers to me in many ways, often giving me words for prayer, words for speaking with my children, words just to think on. This music is doing that for me right now.


On the remodeling front, we headed into April with only needing to finish the shower/bathtub surround, installing the towel bars, tp holder, medicine cabinet and mirror.  Builder as able to finish all of that and our three youngest kiddos now have a full bathroom in the basement.  To celebrate, and since this is “their” bathroom, I dropped them off a Target and let them choose the shower curtain, towels, rugs and baskets.  I was so blessed to see them work together, do some compromising with one another, and end up with a very cute/pretty finished product.

final touches

Because 3 girls are sharing this bathroom, Builder built this shelf, and the girls found baskets to hold their things

Because 3 girls are sharing this bathroom, Builder built this shelf, and the girls found baskets to hold their things

Now, what I’ve been into:

Read and Reading:

When Invisible Children Sing by Chi Cheng, For the Love by Jen Hatmaker,

Currently reading:  Sense and Sensibility, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, Peacemaking for Families, The Hobbit

(I completed _2_ books this month)

Music: While working at the Rock and Worship Road Show during spring break, we heard Jon Guerra and his wife for the first time. Their music been being played on Pandora ever since! Since we were actually working at the event, we missed Group 1 Crew and Jamie Grace because we were in event training. That said we did enjoy hearing Shaun Groves speak (each of us was a little disappointed that he didn’t sing), Tdashi, Matt Mahr, Crowder and Mercy Me. It was a great night of music and advocating for children!

Movies: The Dropbox came back through our city for a second round and we were able to slip out on a Monday night to see it.

Things I Loved in April:

Evening walks

Blooming spring flowers

Blooming fruit trees


salt and light

Light reflecting off aspen leaves



In the Blogosphere:

Her hurt is different than mine, but really, it is the same. We are the same. Both just as in need of a Savior as the other.

What is too hard today, friends? What is too messy? It is hard to believe sometimes but we can know that God is good in that place. We’ve tasted and known His goodness, even in the impossibly hard places. Romans 2 says, “To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory honor and immortality, He will give eternal life.”


Searching for Truth

Going to give this a try sometime soon!

Be their bridge

At least three times a day take a moment and ask yourself what is really important. Have the wisdom and the courage to build your life around your answer.
– Dr. Lee Jampolsky Rocket Booster, our Great Rescue

At a loss for words when writing thank you notes to teachers? Ideas here

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On The Blog:

I’ve entered back into the wonderful world of board books.  Here I wrote about my current favorites.

And I shared a long time dream realized!


A Simple Blessing