New Purex PowerShot Review & Giveaway!

A surprise arrived in the mail this month, a Purex Insiders promo kit! I wasn’t expecting anything, so it was a fun surprise to receive the mail that day!

In the box:

purex power shot kit contents


New Purex® PowerShot detergent claims to simplify the laundry routine by taking the guesswork out  of measuring.  Purex® PowerShot automatically dispenses the right amount of super concentrated formula with 50% more stain fighting power in every drop.

purex purexTo use new Purex PowerShot, flip over the bottle like this:

purex power shot

and let the cap fill with detergent.  Once it is full, flip the top (which is now at the bottom) and fill the machine’s laundry detergent well, or for a top loading machine, just hold over the machine.  According to the packaging, the “engine” inside the bottle should dispense the correct amount of detergent into the machine.

Now, I don’t know if it was just my clumsy first try with this product, but this is what happened when I flipped open the lid to pour the detergent into my machine:

purex powershot

splash and splatter

purex powershot

The splatter got all over the front of the washing machine and a little on the dryer above.  I also got the opportunity to “wash” the wall next to the machines!

purex powershot

After washing a couple of loads with this detergent I noticed a pleasant gentle faint scent in the clothes.  (I did get better with flipping the lid and not splattering detergent everywhere!)  I don’t see any difference in the cleanliness of the laundry from our regular detergent, so I’d say it works well at removing dirt, food stains and standard dirty laundry odor.

How would you like to give new Purex Powershot Laundry Detergent a shot?  We have 3 Free Product Coupons to giveaway!

Free Purex Powershot

To be 1 of 3 winners, just enter with the rafflecopter widget below!  The giveaway runs from January 27 to Feb 2!

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Thank you for stopping by and joining in the By Quiet Waters community!


Disclosure:  I did receive a kit with free product and coupons for free product from Purex Insiders, in exchange for my thoughtful review and sharing on this blog.


Sponsorship Saturday, Birthday Folders

This month has been so busy, that I have had a hard time getting this Sponsorship Saturday post out of my head and on to the blog.  Preparing the set of birthday folders that I set out to put together was very hit and miss much more so than usual!  Even so, as the third week of the new year winds down, I have a folder on the way for Angelica.


Sponsorship Saturday

Angelica, Bolivia


Angelica, who lives in Bolivia, is one of our correspondent sponsor children.  She will be 9 in March and I am hoping that by hand delivering the folder to the Compassion office this past week, she will get it by her birthday.

As I worked on the folder for Angelica, I also prepped a few things for another birthday folder, for Karen in Colombia.  She will be 7 in April.  I do hope as these two children look through the folders, that they will see love in the pages.  I hope that they come to understand, a little more, how precious and valuable are each of them.

Sponsorship Saturday

Karen, Colombia

That is a big part of sponsorship through Compassion International.  Writing to the children, encouraging them and telling them that poverty does not define them.  That they are smart, beautiful, precious and made in the very image of God, that is what defines them.  In writing to these kids we get to speak life into their hearts and minds, while the financial arm of sponsorship provides the necessities of life, water, shelter, health care, education.  If you are interested in investing into the life of a child who is living in extreme poverty, visit Compassion International.  Their website has loads of information for you to learn more.

And if you are ready right now to take that step, there are profiles of children who are waiting, and you can sponsor a child today!

Now, back to the birthday folders.  It brings me a lot of joy to pull these folders together.  I enjoy doing a little crafting and finding different printables to add in.  I’ve even found my colored pencils and started coloring a page myself, for each of the kiddos.

Birthday Folders

Birthday Folder


Hispanic Paper Dolls

Coloring pages

Birthday cards that I created and had printed.

and these two printables

booboo_567x745 blog

first-aid-kit-22791If you like this post, will you please share it on your social media sites?  And please, share in the comments your ideas for things that can be included in the birthday folders!  I would love to link to your blog or pinterest post in my next Sponsorship Saturday blog post!

Voices, Whose Do You Hear?

What are the voices each of us hear as we go about our days?  Are they the voice of truth, or of error?

Here is a quick test, to assess the voices you may be hearing this day:

Do the voice mock you?  Mocking your abilities, skills, knowledge?  How about mocking your calling or vision?  Do they mock your devotion to the task before you?  The work you do?

Do they tear down your confidence?

Do those voices even threaten and intimidate you?

If so, do you find that discouragement creeps in and it begins to choke out joy, peace, HOPE?


Our pastor is preaching a series through the book of Nehemiah, and this past week, he taught from Nehemiah 4.  In this passage, Nehemiah is leading people to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem.   Voices of opposition rise up against the work, until discouragement began to choke out the hope of workers.

In this narrative we are given an example of how to respond when facing opposition, when the voices of lies and discouragement rise louder.

When the mocking begins, take it to God.  Don’t run to this person or that person.  Go to the ONE who has given life and purpose.  That isn’t to say that we don’t get counsel and support from trusted friends, but God is the One who can work in the hearts of people, He is the One who can help and direct us to help.  We need to go to Him first.


Interested in the prayer Nehemiah lifted to God?  It is found in verses 4 & 5

“Hear, O our God, for we are despised; turn their reproach on their own heads, and give them as plunder to a land of captivity! Do not cover their iniquity, and do not let their sin be blotted out from before You; for they have provoked You to anger before the builders.”  Nehemiah 4:4, 5 NKJV

Now those are pretty strong words, and don’t seem to pair up well with New Testament passages that say “pray for your enemies.”  After hearing the sermon and giving this some thought I remembered a prayer that I pray at times, a request that “God shut the mouth of the liars.”  Not quite the same as Nehemiah’s prayer, but strong nevertheless.

Also, Ephesians 6 tells us that our battles are not actually with flesh and blood,  so when I pray “shut the mouth of the liar(s), there is one particular liar who is the father of all lies.


The next point I found in Nehemiah 4 is this, challenges and opposition may and will continue.   And we are to continue to pray, and to persist.  Go back to God, and continue on.  Prayer and Persistence.

Now, the opposition may continue still, even escalating to threats and intimidation.  Nehemiah did not back down.  And we are not to back down, nor run and hide.  Nehemiah set up a guard and prepared to meet the threats, but he also continued on.  Prayer.  Persistence. Preparation.  The lesson we can take from this, is that we must continue on, even if we have to work with one hand and hold an item of defense in the other hand.

I have struggled a bit in the writing of this, as there is a very literal physical realm of opposition, mocking, threats and intimidation.  But I also want to acknowledge that often, that voice of opposition is in.our.minds.  Yes, the battles that rage in our minds.  And we must know how to combat those voices of, with what is true, or we become discourage.  Discouragement leads to a loss of strength, fear sets in.  The result, a loss of vision and purpose.

Here is something that came to my mind as I listened and studied.

I am.  You are.  strategically placed, to do that work which I/you have been given to do.

#strategicallyplaced  You and I are.


I am #strategicallyplaced to mother my children, to care for and encourage the children in my circle of influence.

So when the voices rise, I ask you to remember where you have been #strategicallyplaced, and do not give up.  nor give in to fear.  Pray.  Prepare.  Persist.  Don’t give up!

One last word of encouragement for you today:  God has not given you a spirit of fear.  But of power.  Of love. Of a sound mind.

Now your turn.  Tell me, where have you been #strategicallyplaced?


Color Coding! With InkJoy & a Giveaway

Color coding!  For years I have used a color coding approach to organization.  Way back when my youngest three,  (all born within 41 months) were young I needed some way to keep track of what belonged to who.  Through the years, we’ve had times when they were all about the same size, and each wanted her “own” clothes back from the laundry room.  There was also the issue of room/closet sharing…  So  I let them each pick a color, and that became their color.  Hangers, lanyards, folders & binders, etc.  Even more than making the kids happy, Marme was happy with a lot less confusion and conflict!

Then the kids got a little older, and had athletics, music lessons, get togethers with friends, and orthodontic appointments, and so on!  The color coding moved to the calendar and day planner!  That’s where my INKJOY pens come in!  I am not sure when we first discovered INKJOY, but once we did, no other pen has made the cut!

While I do have 2 basic black InkJoy pens that I use most days for anything and everything written, I use the colorful palette for my planner and lists.  Color Coding with InkJoy!

Color Coding with InkJoy

Want to know a little more about InkJoy?


So, of course, I was pretty tickled when Smiley360 contacted me about sending me an InkJoy Smiley kit!  In the  kit I received a package of my favorite pens, some information paperwork AND a $5 gift card to purchase more InkJoy!  Yes, they sent me all that for FREE!  I am REALLY enjoying being part of the Smiley360 teams, receiving and reviewing new, and updated, products & services!

Keep reading to see what I used that $5 gift card for!

Smiley360 InkJoy Kit


This week, courtesy of Smiley360 and InkJoy,  I would like to give away 2 packages of InkJoy pens to the readers of By Quiet Waters.  Two different readers will each get one package of InkJoy pens.

InkJoy Giveaway



a Rafflecopter giveaway


I hope YOU win!!  Please share this giveaway with others, on facebook, twitter or even your own blog!

A Valentines Remembrance Swap!

A Valentine RemembranceCommunity is life giving and invigorating, challenging and inspiring.  I’ve been a quiet part of the Simple Woman’s community for years.  It has been inspiring, life giving and encouraging to me.

This year, as part of my goals (NOURISH) I am stepping out a bit more intentionally to be an active part of community, in real life and online.  So, may I invite you to join me?  To have a little intentional friendship fun this Valentines, make a new acquaintance and maybe a new friend?

The Simple Woman has invited bloggers to her Valentines Remembrance Swap.  Here are the nitty gritty details:

valentines remembrance swapJust go to The Simple Woman’s blog!

*January 22nd-sign-ups closed
*January 23rd-Matching begins
*January 26th- Watch for email with your swap partner’s info
*February 13th-ALL swap packages MUST BE RECEIVED”
If you if this sounds fun to you, I hope you’ll join Peggy over at The Simple Woman.

Olaf Magnet Activity for the Fridge

I found some FUN Frozen inspired ideas for a toddler or preschool busy bag on the Disney Family website.  My wheels are turning for the different ways these can be used to keep little ones busy!  But I did print this one right away.  The Olaf Magnet Activity looks great on my freezer!

After printing the template, I roughly cut each piece out, then laminated the set.

Olaf Magnets

Then I cut out each of the pieces again.

Olaf Magnets

Olaf in laminated pieces

After this, it was time for the magnets.  I wanted a super quick project this time, so I found some adhesive magnets.

Olaf MagnetsOlaf Magnet


I actually made 2 sets, so I plopped 1 into a sandwich baggie and the other…

Right onto the fridge.

Olaf MagnetThis is what is waiting for my grand daughter to spot

Olaf MagnetSuper easy, fun little Olaf magnet and Snowman play forms.