Camping and Hobo Dinners

We haven’t done a lot of camping in recent years, and I haven’t made “hobo dinners” since my daughters were pretty young.  Early this summer the kids were after us to plan a “real” camping trip with Dad as last summer we girls got out and did some camping, but Dad was away working.  So a camping trip was one of the first items put on the summer calendar!

And as this post shows up on the blog we are at camp, in a beautiful tent site on the river.  Our hobo dinners are in the cooler all ready to be cooked for the next 2 dinners.

Two mornings while the kids were all at vacation bible school earlier in the month I set to work.

The veggies were prepped.

hobo dinners prep shredded veggies

Shredded Carrots & Cauliflower

chopped carrots

chopped carrots

Veggies all prepped

Veggies all prepped

The ingredients all measured and mixed together for Turkey Veggie Hobo Dinners, using this recipe

Pretty Eggs

Pretty Eggs

Turkey Veggie Hobo Dinner

Turkey Veggie Hobo Dinner

I tore out 8 pieces of foil that were about the size of a small rectangle cookie sheet.  I spooned the mixture onto the first sheet and began folding and shaping the packet.  Once I had the shape I wanted I rolled the foil on top.

folding hobo dinner

folding hobo dinner

Then I pressed and patted it all again to make a nice rectangle and folded the ends up somewhat like a present.

hobo dinner assembled!

hobo dinner assembled!

Finally, I wrapped the hobo dinner with another layer of foil.

Five packets fit nicely into the gallon freezer bag, so I ended up with 2 bags for the 8 servings.

hobo dinners ready for freezing

hobo dinners ready for freezing

Hobo Tacos is another set that I assembled.  We’ll eat them with tortilla chips and fresh veggies.

hobo tacos

hobo tacos

Keeping the hobo dinners in the gallon bags inside the cooler keeps everything nice, with no waterlogging our dinners and no contaminating the other items in the cooler.  The bags of dinners also help keep the cooler cold!

Do you make Hobo Dinners?  And what recipes do you fill them with?  I’d love to expand our hobo menu!



Backyard Camping

Backyard camping has always been a fun activity for our kids.  The idea of sleeping outside in the summer is appealing and we have the perfect backyard for it!  While the sisters were all away at a leadership conference, Chica and I “went camping”.  While I was busy with some other things Chica put up the tent by herself, inflated the air mattress and made the beds!

Backyard Camping

tent in the backyard

Finally I decided this summer to purchase a small fire pit.  We’ve had other fire pits around the yard but after the fires the last 2 summers (black forest, waldo canyon ) I wanted something a little tamer.


Backyard Camping

Backyard fire for roasting hot dogs & marshmallows

Looks like we need to chop smaller pieces of wood!  We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and sat around the fire talking.  We have skunks and raccoons in our neighborhood so I was a little nervous about being up too late, so we headed to bed in the tent before we had any visitors.  It was a blast and I imagine the kids will be backyard camping off and on the rest of the summer!

Motherhood, In Like and a Giveaway

In April I read Surprised by Motherhood.  I’ve noticed that there is still a lot of online conversation continuing about this book, so I wanted share about it here once again.  There is one phrase that came to me while reading Surprised by Motherhood, and it continues in my mind, coloring the days of this summer with vibrant hues.

“Seek to cultivate time to remember how very much in like I am with my daughters.”

In June I was able to take off for a few days alone with our youngest daughter and I delighted in looking more deeply at who she is and hearing what she has to say, about everything.  We had a blast!

Surprised by Motherhood

Dancing on the Indiana Jones Bridge

During a trip to Elitches I accepted the invitation to ride a spinning ride with Petal Rose.  Please know, those are my worst rides!  But while I wanted to decline, the look in her eyes as she asked me to join her reminded me that time is swiftly passing and if I say no, the invitation to join her may not come again.

with Petal Rose on the spinny ride at Elitch Gardens June 2014

with Petal Rose on the spinny ride at Elitch Gardens June 2014

So often in life, I don’t do this intentionally at all.  To often I am so busy I don’t even pause to take in the wonder that is my children.  Taking the time to read a “mothering” book gave me a sweet reminder this summer, to slow down, to pause and to enjoy this amazing journey of mothering very likeable daughters.

If you need a shot of encouragement on your mothering journey, I’d like to give you a copy of Surprised by Motherhood.


Surprised by Motherhood

Enter below by leaving me a comment telling me how motherhood has surprised you, or a special moment you’ve captured this summer with your kiddos. The drawing will be held July 27 and the winner posted here the morning of July 28.  PLEASE leave your email in the comment, so I can email the winner!

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Thank you and I look forward to sharing this book!

Goals for an “Away” Week

It was a fantastic week for getting things done.  While I think it is important to be available to help with VBS, I think in this season of my life it is equally important to have those hours to knock out some things.  I was able to be more available to my kiddos in the afternoons and that was wonderful.

Intentional Relationships

Visit a different pool with the kids – between the weather and some conflict we weren’t able to get to the pool. Hopefully Chic and I can in early August.

Backyard Smores & Fellowship

Attend Cow Appreciation & Free Slurpee Events with Kids – that day the kids had VBS, volunteer work AND the VBS picnic.  We didn’t make it to either “free” event.  But that didn’t matter at all.  It was a tremendous fantastic day!

Be Present

Intentional Self Nourishment

Begin Work on James 1 (memory work) Our teens are involved in a Bible Quiz event next summer. In preparation they are memorizing James, 1 Peter and 2 Peter. I am going to join in and see if I can keep up. Working on Ephesian 6 was going very slow and I got discouraged. I am not great at working alone on an endeavor like that.

Reading:  What He Must Be, I Come Quietly to Meet You, The Good News About Marriage, The Warden and the Wolf King, Walking Prey, Interrupted, The Exodus Road (was available at the library and I couldn’t put it down)

Reschedule & Make Annual Physical Appointments for Builder and myself

Choose new audiobook Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn

Making this One Life Count

Salvation letters to Compassion Kids

Purposeful Pursuits – this week is largely about getting ready for Bible Camp week and then our family’s 3 night camping trip.

Blog posts scheduled for camp weeks           


My goals for this week ~ to be fully present and attentive.  I look forward to the opportunity to share the Gospel and to encourage the young ones who will be with us.

Bless you all as you go about your week, and please check out this month’s giveaway!

Birthdays, Spellbinders Paper Crafts & a GIVEAWAY!

What a fun surprise it was to find a Spellbinders paper crafts kit in the mail one afternoon.  Birthdays are always happening around here, and one of my daughters had just told me that another friend of her’s had a birthday the next day.  A package of cute cardmaking kit and gift bag decorations arriving in the mail was just the thing!

This is what arrived in the mail that afternoon!

spellbinders paper crafts supplies

Spellbinders Creations supplies

whipping up a cute card

whipping up a cute card

an "ice cream" card

A sweet papercrafter & her ice cream cone card

spellbinders "best day ever treat bag" filled with sweet things

decorated treat bag filled with rolos and starburst tuc

The kits were very easy to assemble as everything except the glue was included in the kit, and the design was quite simple.  I can see how these kits would be nice to have tucked away for a quick project, but since we enjoy cardmaking and crafting, we usually have a stash of supplies to whip something cute together.  It was fun to try out this product but more than likely I wouldn’t purchase the Spellbinders paper crafts kits.

One the other hand we were sent the Spellbinders Celebra’tions “Many Words” polymer stamps to give away and I could see us using these often!  It is almost tempting to just keep them… but no.  We have a good supply of rubber stamps and embossing supplies so I’ll go ahead and share this with YOU!

many words stamp set

many words stamp set

A set of 15 clear polymer stamps includes words such as Thank You, Surprise, Celebrate, Happy Birthday, Yummy and more! Perfect for special occasions to everyday, use alone or put words together to create your own saying. Easy to clean and condition with our True Color Fusion Stamp Cleaner.

Spellbinders® Celebra’tions™ Line by Richard Garay creates a heartfelt greeting or event that has never been easier until now. Inspired by Richard’s passion for paper crafts, event hosting and handmade greetings, he designed this line to help others achieve those beautiful results every time. Every element is coordinated so this cheerful, bright and yummy collection makes creating a Celebration not only easy, but also inspiring!

Approximate Stamp Sizes:

4 x 6”

If you would like to win this set of clear polymer stamps enter below!

Leave a comment telling us if you enjoy paper crafts & card making.

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Thank you for reading this review.  The product was supplied to me by the Spellbinders brand in exchange for a product review.  The opinions expressed on this blog are my own.