Favorite Board Books

Books are among my favorite things, so it makes sense that with a grand child, I have some favorite board books, right?!  It is a habit of mine at the library, to peruse the board book shelf and the picture book shelves to bring home a stack of “new” stories and old favorites.  That is how I discovered Global Baby Girls.  Readers of By Quiet Waters probably know, I am an all girl mom, and am starting out as a girl nana!

My granddaughter is definitely taken in by the beautiful photographs of baby girl faces, from all over the world.  The photographs are beautiful, for sure.  What I also like is the message of this little book.  Baby girls are beautiful, strong, capable, smart and can change the world!  I love reading this book aloud to Joyness, and I get tickled when her aunties are also in the room to hear the true words.  Usually one or two or three “big girls” will gather around and the spirit of affirmation grows!

After I returned this book to the library, I promptly placed an order for our own copy.  We keep stacks of books for sweet girl in a couple different room and I often find Global Baby Girls on the top of the stack!  If you have baby girls in your life, I encourage you to take a look at this book!  This book is also available in Spanish at Amazon!


Another favorite “new” book in the stack of board books, Really Woolly Nighttime Lullabies.  This book was sent to me, in exchange for my sharing my opinions, by Book Look Bloggers.   At first glance, I wasn’t too drawn in by the book.  Seeing both of these books in the photo, side by side, maybe you can see why.

But, evening after evening, nap time after nap time, Joyness requests this book and it has become a lovely part of our quieting down and becoming ready for sleep.

really woolly nighttime lullabies

Joyness likes to point out all the animals while I read.  The illustrations are whimsical and gentle.   I like the simple Bible verses tied to story examples of God’s love and the simple prayers for each entry.  Those simple prayers lend themselves well to spoken blessings!  And I’ve written recently about the power of spoken blessings.

So these are my current favorite board books.   They are actually books that I am actively recommending to others, and might have purchased for our church nursery and sent as birthday gifts to some special one year olds.  It is super exciting that a Spanish version of Baby Girls is available, so I purchased at least one of those.  That is how much I like them.

We are always on the look out for great stories and books.  Please share in the comments about your favorite children’s books.

Pursuing a Dream

Quite a few years ago I was a single mom and a college student.  It was hard, and my GPA certainly shows that I might not have been studying as much as needed.  But I did try.  A few less years ago I got married to a good man and gained another daughter, then we added 3 more.  All the changes filled my life to the brim and I left school.

For some time now I’ve longed to go back and finish what I started, and maybe be ready to launch a “career” as my youngest daughters launch from the nest.  The request has been made more than once, but each time, it just wasn’t “right.”

Well seasons change and guess what I’m doing this summer, among many other things???  You got it!  I’ve registered as a student at the local community college and enrolled in one online class for the summer.  I’m going to try to knock out some of those less desirable classes first, with hopefully stellar grades to show for the years of learning as a homeschool mom.  This summer I plan to get up earlier than my usual early, that’s when I plan to fit in my studies, in the wee early mornings.

It is exciting to see that the credits are still on my account, but it is necessary for me to petition for them to be “active” again.  Twenty years is a long time for college credits to have been sitting incomplete.  Pray with me?  That the faculty member who receives the petition will grant favor to a woman who took time off to raise a family and is back to knock it out of the park now?  I speak somewhat boldly, despite the fact that my knees are knocking and there’s a tightness in my neck and shoulders.  It’s more than a bit “scary” to be headed back to school as a grandmother!

So, I’m realizing my dream of going back to school, to finish my degree.  What are you dreaming of?  Does this summer look like a good time to dust off that dream and turn it into reality?

Everyone Smiles

Everyone Smiles


Everyone Smiles is a beautiful book, full of photographs of, well, smiles!  This book, written by Ashley N. Grisham and Gary L Kersey, Jr, is an educational book on the importance of dental hygiene and protecting a healthy smile.  The text offers a step by step guide to good oral health and lots of encouragement is found in the photographs of a diverse group of children, smiling of course!

What I like most about this book is the photography.  I love looking at pictures of people, and especially with my grand daughter.  The authors did a fantastic job of capturing smiles from diverse backgrounds.

As Everyone Smiles  is a “child’s educational step-by-step guide on how to keep one’s smile clean and healthy” I plan to give it to our family’s dentist to add to the office library.  Thanks to Ambassador International for this complimentary copy, in exchange for this review.

Are you a blogger who is interested in receiving books in exchange for reviews?  Check out Ambassador International!

Prayer of a King…reworded by a Mother

repost from 2010, a reworded prayer of a king, by a mother, once again.

newly leafed trees

May my
my teaching and guidance be refreshing like the spring rain on newly leafed trees,
like the showers that fill the dry wells. 
May the gifts of her Lord,
those children,
flourish during their growing up under her teaching
and launching away
from her.
Marme’s paraphrase from Psalm 72:6&7

The Value of A Simple Blessing

Something’s Lacking

Having been prompted to take inventory of my spiritual health recently, I have realized that an important item has slid off my mornings.  Scripture memory work has disappeared from my morning quiet time and it’s absence has had ripple effects!  For many years I have memorized Scripture with my children, but this school year changed our mornings drastically and we have not had any consistent devotions & Scripture study together.

What I realized during this time of spiritual inventory (which was prompted by noticing my prayer life is weakening) is that I am now “going it alone” when it comes to Scripture memory.  When we were a homeschooling family our mornings were started everyday with time in the Word and Scripture memory work.  Now the kids are busier in their youth group and AWANA programs each working on individual memorization work.

The most notable thing I am missing from Scripture memory work is a word bank for nightly blessings.  Some years ago I began choosing specific passages, memorizing them and then prayerfully blessing each of my children at bedtime.  After a period of time with one passage, I would work to memorize another, and so on.  These nightly blessings have become somewhat rote and lacking variety and specifics for the application to the ins and out of daily life.

There are several places where I heard about Scriptural blessings, but one in particular stands out to me.  Some years ago, I watched a video of a chapel service (Compassion or Focus on the Family probably).  Michael W Smith was speaking and towards the end of his time, the topic of spoken blessings was covered.  I sought out his book, A Simple Blessing from our local library.  Here is a related video, possibly the same one I originally watched, but I’m not sure.  I do know the part about “the blessing” begins at about minute 26.



A Reason for Giving A Simple Blessing

A Simple Blessing

These words are one very good reason for speaking Scriptural blessings over people:  “If people would change what they are pursuing, they wouldn’t find themselves staring through the shattered window of broken dreams and torn relationships.” 

If I speak audible blessings over my children, infusing words of encouragement, truth, value and understanding, seeds of purpose are sown in their minds and hearts.  There is a shaping that can take place that will aid in the choices each daughter must make along life’s way.  I know the curses that were spoken over me had a negative impact in my life’s choices for too long.  I desire to give my children something infinitely better, in the immediate and in the future.  Actually, I want to have a life giving impact on others as well, the other people in my life, our sponsored children.  There is a whole big world in need of a simple blessing.

Speak Life, A Simple Blessing

All this leads me back to knowing that it is a necessity for me to get back to Scripture memory and blessing writing, blessing giving.  It would be a joy to have you join me in this discipline.  If you are interested in joining me in Scripture memory and blessings, let me know in the comments.  Here’s a blessing to start with:

May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in Him.  So that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit, and one day share it with a world so in need of hope.  (from Romans 15:13)



These Moments, Fringes Hours Full

These Moments, which are just a snapshot of  truly delightful day full of family and friends celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We attended morning services, full of celebratory music and teaching from Hebrews 9.


Enjoyed a mostly gluten free meal (something that has been a real struggle, but I’m learning!), followed by this gluten free Empty Tomb cake made by Mae, with family and friends.

Empty Tomb Cake


Spent a couple of hours at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, taking advantage of our brand new membership.

feeding giraffes

feeding the giraffe

This day was truly a delight to my soul.  It is quite hopeful to me, that maybe I’ll learned the secret of being able to enjoy a family gathering or  day of celebrating.  Saturday I spent most of the day preparing “cold foods” for Sunday’s celebration.  We used paper plates, and most of the foods were served in the dishes they were stored in.  Score!  Another bonus…the natural gathering place in our home is now the kitchen.  It is big enough,  after the remodel, to hold anyone and everyone, so even when I was washing a few dishes or putting away food, I wasn’t tucked back alone in the kitchen.  All of those pieces made the difference in my being able to fully enjoy the day!

linking with Amanda and Jessica as I remember and celebrate a beautiful Easter Sunday.